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    QUALITY POLICY OF BIMEX – BÖLLHOFF Sp. z o.o. in Krzemienica

    Success of our company depends on quality and punctual deliveries of the fasteners we are selling, the contributions of our employees and satisfaction of our customers. These are the assumptions for our Quality Management System, which was described in the Quality Book.

    The system aims at achieving economic success and is oriented on fulfilling the requirements of the market and environment. Each employee is obliged to improve their work in order to contribute in ing reach the planned goals.

    Regarding quality management and in order to fulfill the expectations of our customers, we describe our quality policy through the following goals:
    1. Using more than 100 years of experience of our German partner in the field of the newest techniques and assembly technology, as well as using the experience of our customers, suppliers and employees in improving the quality of the assembled and delivered fasteners and services.
    2. Ordering from reliable suppliers, fulfilling our requirements as far as quality and punctual deliveries are concerned.
    3. Systematic information for a wide audience of present and potential customers about an assortment of fasteners and their features through personal contacts and meetings, using advertisement, organizing exhibitions, and using the Internet.
    4. Employing people with the required qualifications, improved by systematic individual and group training.
    5. Cooperation with selected research institutions and laboratories of producers regarding technical parameters of fasteners and their appropriate use for improvement of quality.
    6. Providing the appropriate system of packing of fasteners in ecological packaging, using appropriate labeling allowing for identification.
    Methods, procedures and equipment referring to contemporary knowledge and technical progress were used in order to achieve these goals. All the phases of preparation, packing and distribution of fasteners and providing services are rationally planned and executed. At the same time norms, rules and regulations of the law are observed.

    The above-mentioned goals should be reached thanks to:
    – constant improvement of the quality management system and all the procedures and processes in the company,
    – responsibility and self-control of all the employees,
    – increasing effectiveness and work efficiency.
    Achievements and accomplishments of our common work will be judged and compared with the approved goals in the normal course.

    On behalf of the Board I declare full engagement of the Management of the company in the execution of the established Quality Policy.

    Krzemienica, 20.12.2003

    Roman Bijak